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Greetings from Russian Arctic
& Finnish Lapland!

After a long QRT, I am back on the Air since December 2012
Hello DX! ;-) Do not ask where I've been ;-)

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Expedition on KUELPORR - The Hibiny Mountains KP67TR-TT

Special expedition to the center of the Hibiny Mountains, at the base of the mountain Kuelporr.  Special Paper QSL - Unique QRA KP67TR-TT 

MOUNTAIN "KUELPORR" - The "FUJIYAMA" of Kola Peninsula

In 1972 and 1984 there made ​​"peaceful" nuclear explosions. For the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and towns had been no secret that the gallery does not pave in order to extract the ore, but for the most notorious "products".
Radiation background is normal! Object "Dnepr" was perfectly cleanedwhich carried out the explosion, and then: returned all that was capable of "ringing" in the special waste.

This is not a highway ;-)

Do not try to do it again...