Worthily represent the Country is the duty of every Radio Amateur

Greetings from Russian Arctic
& Finnish Lapland!

After a long QRT, I am back on the Air since December 2012
Hello DX! ;-) Do not ask where I've been ;-)

HRDLog HF bands statistic since 2013


The increase power to 130 watts on HF and VHF to 90W FT-857/897

WARNING: changing these will reset all the memories.

My FT-857 operates in this mode for 3 years 

Enter the Servicemenu. I want to warn you do not change these values unless you are sure of what you are doing. To get them turn transceiver off. Press and hold the A,B,C keys; while holding them in, press and hold in the [PWR] switch for 1/2 second to turn the tranceiver On. Now let go of all keys. Press F key to finish.

For this procedure you will need a Dummy Load (or a well matched Antenna) and a Wattmeter!


Locate Menu No:
NO-024 HF1-PO-MAX 165 (set to 255) CW 1.800.00
NO-028 HF2-PO-MAX 159 (set to 255) CW 7.068.19
NO-032 HF3-PO-MAX 158 (set to 255) CW 21.225.13
NO-036 50M-PO-MAX 145 (set to 255) CW 50.000.00
NO-040 VHF-PO-MAX 87   (set to 255) CW 145.437.50
NO-043 UHF-PO-MAX 112 (set to 255) CW 438.900.00